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Examples NativeScript

Developer: MINSOO, KIM

The app is in **BETA** version, please be gentle! If you are interested to see the source code of the app, please visit in GitHub -
This app shows scenarios developers can achieve using NativeScript. Browse the examples to get first-hand experience with the framework. A Source code preview is available for every example.
Telerik UI for NativeScript key features:
Chart- 10 Chart Types: Column, Bar, Pie, Doughnut, Line, Spline, Line Area, Spline Area, Scatter and Stacked Charts, Candlestick and OHLC, Financial Indicators.- Chart Axes Type Support: Numeric, Categorical and Date/Time axes, allowing you to plot any type of data.- Easy Data Population: Chose among three easy ways to populate the iOS Chart with data, depending on your coding style.- Fully Customizable: Accommodates as many app scenarios as possible; the controls give you great customization flexibility.- Animations and Interactivity: The controls ship with a collection of pre-built Core Animations and UIKit Dynamics based animations.
ListView- Load on demand- Pull to refresh- Selection - Deck of Cards layout- Swipe to execute- Item reordering- Linear, Grid and StaggeredGrid layout strategies- The Telerik ListView is based on the Android RecyclerView so UI vitualization is provided out-of-the-box
SideDrawer (NavigationDrawer)- Predefined open/close animations- Can be opened from all edges of the screen- Customizable fade layer- Customizable drawer size